Plant Care Guide

After shipping:

The shipping process can put a little stress on any plant. That applies to cuttings as well as whole plants. Therefore try not to expose the plant to further stress afterwards if possible. Cuttings should be placed in water for a few days and established plants should not be repotted or cut in the first week.

If your plant is not doing so well (drooping or yellow leaves, rotten roots, ...) please inform us as soon as possible so that we can help you out. Please leave the plant as it is. The plant may not be cutted or repotted for a return or refund.


Since the plant comes out of the dark, it shouldn't be shocked with too much light. It should not be in direct sunlight or too close under a plant lamp.

We have 22-24 ° C air temperature and 75-80% humidity.

If possible, these conditions can be imitated at the beginning. (this is not necessary to that extent but helpful) After that you can slowly accustom it to the indoor climate. The temperature should never be below 18 ° C over a longer period of time.

To water:

If the substrate is dry, the leaves are soft, and the pot is light, your plant may need water.

If your plant is in perlite, it should always be slightly damp. There can always be 0.5 - 1 cm of water at the bottom of the pot.

We water plants that are in spagnum moss or soil once a week. To check whether watering needs to be done, you can put your finger 1-2 cm deep into the substrate. If it is still damp, it does not have to be watered.

Of course, the water requirement varies from plant to plant. In general it's better to water less than to water too much. Anthuriums and alocasias like it a little more wet. Philodendrons and syngoniums, on the other hand, like to stand a little drier. After watering, drained water from the planter should be removed to avoid root rot.

Potting / repotting:

- Cuttings should be placed in water for at least 4 days after arrival to allow them to recover from shipping. Cuttings can root the best in water, perlite or sphagnum moss until they have enough roots to be potted in hydroponics or a suitable substrate.

- Plants in perlite or moss should not be repotted for at least 1 week. If enough roots can be seen from the outside, they can be planted in a suitable substrate. The moss or perlite should be carefully removed from the roots without damaging them.

- Plants potted in soil mix can remain in this until the pot is too small for the plant (roots wrap around each other several times on the ground, grow out of the holes in the pot, substrate dries out too quickly, ...). If it is desired to repot the plant earlier, it is best to wait for the plant to show signs of new growth.


As soon as new growth can be seen, fertilization can begin. You should start with a low concentration then gradually increase it to avoid over-fertilization.


Try to keep your plant in the same place if possible and watch regularly for changes.

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